Afro Kinky Curly Texture For Black Women

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Date: 2020/03/26 07:06:21

Just as there are different types of skin in people, another characteristic with great variety is hair. Some people have it straight, others curly, and there are even people who end up wearing wigs, hairpieces and afro extensions when they have little hair or want to have a change of look.

In the world, the number of Afro-descendant women is very high, which makes Afro Kinky curly hair very popular. This type of hair requires intense care, as it is usually more prone to damage quickly. For this reason, there are more and more products for this type of hair that help keep it healthy and cared for.

Another problem associated with afro hair is the amount of hair, since it is sometimes limited. This situation leads some women to decide to use afro hair extensions or other afro extensions in the market that helps them to better manage their hair or, simply, to change their style. : Natural Afro Kinky Curly 100% Human Hair Wigs For ...

The Story Behind Afro Extensions

Although nowadays it is very normal to see people, mostly Afro-descendant women, using the popular extensions, their origin dates back to around 3500 years BC. C. when kings and pharaohs of the ancient world used to use them to extend their hair above normal and thus give the impression of being an imposing figure before their kingdom.

For example, in Colombia, Afro extensions are called braids and are linked to Afro-Colombian customs and history. These braids represent the liberation of the Afro-descendant peoples.

San Basilio de Palenque, was the name given to the precursor people of American freedom. It is said that this was woven with the help of the hair of the women who inhabited the place. In the same way, it is said that the path of freedom was woven with the use of hair braids.

Due to the long history of hair extensions in Colombia, there are different traditions rooted in this fact. One of them is held in the City of Cali, where the “Encuentro de Peinadoras” and the Afro hairstyle contest called “Tejiendo Esperanzas” is held annually. This event is organized by the Association of Afro-Colombian Women (Amafrocol).

During the event, teachings on ancient practices as well as cultural expressions within the Afro-descendant community are reinforced. Hair with afro extensions is one of the protagonists of contests and celebrations.

Normally, it is used in different types of hairstyles and outfits that attract the attention of viewers for their creativity and beauty.

Myths About Afro Hair And Extensions

Due to the little information or false rumors, there are two wrong definitions of the opinions that people have about hair with afro or dreadlocks, as it is also known in certain places.

The first of these definitions tells us that natural hair is not clean, something totally uncertain.

In addition, another affirmation that exists and that has spread over time is that the growth of this type of hair is completely null in people of African descent. A completely false data, since, although it may take longer to grow, at no time is its growth null.

Many people tend to believe in these stereotypes imposed by urban myths and legends. Things like that your natural hair is impossible to manage or that it gets very dirty . Another terrible legend refers to the famous singer Bob Marley and relates that when he died 47 types of lice were found in his dreadlocks.

The relationship between the development of lice and Afro hair has already been denied by science and is a stereotype that has gradually disappeared in society.

Kinky Straight

Using my natural hair extensions kinky straight without anyone noticing is very easy. This is so, especially when you wear wavy or curly hair. Your waves intermingle with the waves of the extensions to the point of totally blending into a single mane. But we've found that when it comes to straight extensions, it can be a little harder to hide them in your hair.

It is true that the ideal trick to mixing your hair with the extensions is to form waves with both parts of the mane. But at certain times you may not want to carry waves. Maybe you really like straight hair. And I share that opinion. The hair looks stunning with a straight end, shiny and with a lot of volumes. That is what many women who have decided to use extensions are looking for.

Wavy hair may already have enough volume on its own. However, when you iron your hair, it is when you notice if you lack volume. And it is there where we realize how different we would feel if we could look more voluminous hair. This is where our desire to use hair extensions is born. So we have not given up. We searched until we found the keys to use smooth extensions, without them being noticed.

Smooth Extensions Look Natural

First, you should know that there are countless smooth extensions on the market. In fact, if you want curly or wavy you should specify it when buying them because most extensions are actually smooth. This means you don't have to iron them to remove the curls. But, to blend the extensions with your hair if you are going to need to iron them a little. For that reason, you should choose 100% human Remy quality curly clip-in hair extensions. That way you can iron them without a problem, just like you iron your own hair.

Human Hair Extensions

Another reason to choose 100% human extensions is that they look completely natural. They look very similar to your hair, or even identical. It looks and feels like human hair because it is.

By contrast, synthetic hair does not look natural because it is not. It does not move like natural hair. Its appearance is stiff, like doll hair. Therefore, it will always be completely impossible to hide synthetic extensions between human hair. If they are wavy they may confuse someone who is not very observant, but being smooth they will not deceive anyone.

Something similar occurs with extensions that are a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. Or even non-Remy extensions. With none of these, you will get the cared and natural look that you get with 100% human Remy hair extensions.

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