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Date: 2020/11/15 11:08:01

What is the use of a well opener? Imagine in an apartment house in Tehran a playful child enters the bathroom with a small sponge ball and the ball is accidentally thrown out of his hand into the sewer. In this case, the parents want to remove the ball through the water in any way that prevents the use of the toilet. In many cases, this will not be possible for ordinary people and you should know a good well opener. Opening the well in such cases is the only solution and this obstacle will not be removed with pipe opener solutions and so on.
Although the majority of people in the community have a completely negative view of the job of opening a well, this is only due to the special nature of this job. However, opening a well is a very important job. It is better to say that it is necessary for everyone in the community to know a skilled well opener.
When will you need a well opener?
Clogged pipes can occur for any reason and in any place, including homes, hospitals and other public places. For example, a residential home that has been used continuously for ten years will need to drain the well. The accumulation of waste and dirty water in the sewage well will cause a bad smell and will bother the family members. In such cases, this problem can be solved forever just by contacting a specialized well-opening center.
Opening wells such as hospitals, supermarkets, etc. will be necessary for any city, especially large cities such as Tehran, which has an apartment texture. Getting a pipe in an apartment is far worse than getting a villa; Because when a problem occurs in one of the apartment units, the neighboring units will be affected. Therefore, a good well opener in any area will bring peace of mind to the locals. Of course, it is better for ordinary people to change their view of this job, so that people who work in this job do not feel uncomfortable.
Tools needed to open a well
People who work in this job usually have hand-held forks and tools for removing objects, which are suitable for removing surface objects. When the object gets stuck in the sewer pipe and there is no way to get it out by hand, experts remove the object with a suction device called a spring and thoroughly clean the well. If the sewage of a large public center or, for example, a carpet washing workshop has taken place, well draining machines will drain the sewage well with a special method and system. In general, it is the responsibility of experts to drill wells to determine which tool is more appropriate to use.

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Never use acidic solutions, tube opener!
The use of acidic solutions to open the waterway is strictly forbidden! This is the order of all pipe opener centers, because:
1. Such acidic solutions may cause decay of the main pipes and embedded sewage; Because they are very, very high in acid.
2. The use of acidic solutions is harmful to human health and may damage the eyes, hands, etc. For this reason, you should use gloves when using it and avoid spilling the solution on your hands.
3. Because of the high risks of these solutions, you should keep them out of the reach of children. So far, many children have been harmed by direct contact with acidic solutions.
Is it really permissible to use solutions that can cause irreparable damage instead of getting help from an opening pipe center? The truth is that staying healthy is more important than paying for a problem; Especially since the cost of opening the pipe will not be too much. Therefore, it is better to choose the right solution in sensitive situations.
What is the best pipe opener in Tehran?
Tehran is a province with 22 densely populated areas that may need an opening pipe for any reason. Therefore, the residents of Tehran province should know the best opening pipe in Tehran, just like the best supermarket in their area, so that they can use their help if needed. Now the question is how to recognize the most efficient pipe opener in Tehran among the crowds of Tehran?
These days, when lives are fully advanced and online, you will arrive with a short search called Services Ino. Services is the name of a specialized pipe opener company that offers its services to customers in all 22 districts of Tehran. It is interesting to know that this Tehran pipe opener, which works professionally with the best equipment and advanced tools, is ready to provide services 24 hours a day. This new company, which brings together skilled and skilled service workers in its team, is active seven days a week and works all the time without any bad background and with full competence.
Official Website of Services
Services with complete intelligence in providing Tehran pipe opening services, including eliminating the bad smell of sewage, removing objects and draining wells, has created a website for quick access to Tehran residents. This official website provides the audience with communication channels and 24-hour contact numbers and complete information about the services of a pipe opener service. In other words, by entering this website, you will first make sure that you will contact the service experts. Performance guarantees and affordable services have made it popular with people.

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