Seo Master Company: How do we rank the site in Google?

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Date: 2021/03/15 14:43:30

Seo Master Company: How do we rank the site in Google?

Through the services of the SEO Master Company, we work and develop on our customers' sites in a real and effective manner. If you have been following the SEO Master blog for a while and have read our topics about SEO and e-marketing, then you have a good idea about the strategies of the SEO Master team in order to arrange Your site is in the search engines.

However! Today, I will explain more clearly how we work at Seo Master, with a vivid example from our work.

Have you searched for a "seo expert" in Google, if you haven't yet, do a search now:

Search results about an SEO expert occupies the first result on the phrase a seo expert, in fact this site comes back to us also, you can consider it one of our clients' sites in SEO Master.

How did we arrange this phrase? How long is the work until we get the first result? How hard is it to compete on this phrase ?! Let's start with the tough competition around the term SEO expert.

Almost all SEO experts compete for this term, in fact the phrase is highly competitive and not as easy as it may seem.

If you use one of the keyword difficulty measuring tools like Google Keyword Planner , the competition is low:

But this is not the truth, competition for the first result in Google is difficult, bear in mind that we are talking about the first result and not the first page in Google! Pay attention to this.

The competition might be medium if you want to appear on the remaining nine results! We made the first result a very difficult place for our competing SEO experts in the market.

If you use the Ahrefs tool, you will find the difficulty of the word Hard as follows:

1. Study the market and competitors

Simply, we at Seo Master  Company studied the matter in depth before we started establishing the Pro Seo Expert site with the aim of providing SEO services, and we identified the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor separately.

This study took several continuous days to come up with all the accurate information about the websites of our competitors' SEO experts.

The real study of competitors is not just on -page SEO mistakes, Off -Page SEO mistakes, or technical SEO problems ! In fact, it is further than that!

When studying competing sites, you should check and know everything about the site you want to climb on before you start the process of preparing the site for search engines.

Without full precision and detail, a business plan may be adopted that is unsuccessful or ineffective at all! The SEO Master team does a careful study before taking the following steps in order to successfully optimize your website pages.

2. Create high-quality content

Content will always be the king, if you want to build high (advanced results in google) you must have a strong foundation ( high quality content ).

Whatever your strategy for ranking your site without "good" content you will not get a ranking, but what is good content?

From our point of view in SEO Master, good content is better content than your competitors, perhaps the quality difference will be in additional information that you provide or in a picture that explains something better, or perhaps it will be an additional video for the content.

Competitors' content must be carefully studied before embarking on building or creating content, if the content already exists, you must work to improve it.

If you provide distinct content from competitors, you will get additional strengths and you will become a weak point for your competitors in the future, and this is what we always do in our SEO company.

After studying our competitors on the "SEO Expert", we determined the required content and content specifications and created it.

3. Backlinks

The Google search engine has more than 210 ranking factors, and many webmasters and bloggers think that Google cares about external links as the most important factor in ranking!

In fact, it is true, but not as you imagine! It is important but different.

First, let's take a look at the competitors' external links and the strength and age of each Domain Authority:

Pro SEO Expert

Band life: 4 months.
Scale strength: 30.
Unique domains referring to a site: 124 domains.
Number of backlinks with the target phrase “SEO Expert”: 6 links.


Band life: 4 months.
Scale strength: 5.
Unique domains referring to a site: 118 domains.
Number of backlinks with the target phrase “SEO Expert”: 6 links.


Domain Lifetime: 1 year, 354 days.
Scale strength: 14.
Unique domains referring to a site: 1740 domains.
Number of backlinks with the target phrase “SEO Expert”: 800.
Note This data was updated on 16/12/2020.

In fact, you will find multiple differences between the three competitors, but why does the third result, which carries the number of external links (backlink), not appear so high in the first result ?! Simply Google sees that the second result of khabir-seo has a higher value than hassanessam , while Google sees that Pro SEO Expert has a higher value!

If you look at the Pro SEO Expert site, you will find that the Domain Authority is stronger than the competitors, while the number of domains referring to the site is not as large as hassanessam who got a 14 domain strength while he got a backlink from more than 1740. Domain!

On the other hand, you will find that the number of links to the Pro SEO site is not equal to 15% of the number of links pointing to the other site, however, Pro SEO site got a double domain authority and reaped the first rank in Google.

Backlinks are very important to your site and affect the ranking, but not all links have the same strength and quality.

At Seo Master  we studied all competitors on the term SEO expert and developed the best strategy for creating content and building links, and we got the first result within 60 days of arranged and coordinated work, but the question remains: How does Google arrange the results ?!

How does Google rank the results?

SEO has become a very complex field, Google's search engine in particular no longer relies on external links only to rank results.

Google has specific search algorithms for ranking results that you must understand well if you want to become a professional SEO .

Google does not give you specific rules or clear steps to get rankings in its search engine. All that Google always emphasizes is high-quality content! This is what Google wants, but it will not tell you exactly how to evaluate your content.

Here comes the role of SEO specialists, but the real problem is that every SEO expert or specialist understands the matter differently from the other.

I previously said that SEO is not a ranking system, but rather a language that you must learn in order to be able to read data accurately and correctly.

When people search on Google for a specific keyword, the Google search engine performs complex calculations to reach the relevant results of the search and arrange them according to the most valuable from Google's point of view.

The result that carries the highest value is the one that will appear in the first place and the lowest in the second place, and so on, respectively.

In order to get advanced placements, you must always prove your ability and value on the target words by preparing your site better for

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