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Date: 2021/10/29 22:20:23

JAKARTA, - The number of investors in the capital market increased significantly over the past year.

This is reflected in the number of single investor identification (SID) which was recorded at 3.87 million as of December 29, 2020, an increase of 56 percent from the end of 2019.

The number of stock investors of which reached 1.68 million SID or jumped 53 percent.

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Novice investors or stock traders interested in entering the world of stocks logically want to enjoy big and fast profits because their mindset in entering the stock market is to play stocks, not the stock business.

Quoted from Kontan, aplikasi assesses that the perspective of playing stocks and the high growth in the number of investors are used by certain parties by using influencers to showcase certain stock names to reap profits.

“We have seen that problems like this will arise before the startup platform is formed. Not everyone can access paid groups whose value is fantastic, even after paying they are still likely to be dumped, especially those who don't pay. Therefore, be wary of free groups and paid groups. And even if there is education, beginners are also at risk of being boxed in with one particular trading stream of investing," said Denny Huang, CEO & Founder of in a press release, Saturday (9/1).

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Denny said, there are many factors that need to be considered in buying and selling shares, both for daily trading and for investment.

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For example, factors such as valuations ranging from PBV, PER, PCFR, PSR, DER, EPS, NPM, taxation, sentiment of parent or company affiliates, corporate rights issue, business trends in the next one or two years, and good corporate governance.

In addition, external and macroeconomic factors must be considered.

"The Fed or OPEC meetings, BPS reports, and don't forget to look at the global macro and it is always important to remember trailing stops, money management and stop losses," concluded Denny.

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