How to develop a delivery service app

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How to develop a delivery service app

The on-demand application business is gaining momentum. By 2023, up to 23% of phones will have food delivery apps. This is about 200 million people - a huge market! If you are involved in the many businesses, you can use the delivery services to increase sales. 


What types of delivery to earn in 2020? In this collection, we will consider several business ideas of courier services, starting from well-known methods and ending with highly specialized services.


Today, courier service is one of the most popular and promising lines of business in the service sector. The idea attracts experienced and novice entrepreneurs, because it requires minimal investment and at the same time guarantees a high level of profit. You can start from scratch and gradually develop your business.


The development of the delivery service contributes to the growth of online commerce. People get used to shopping without leaving home. You can order delivery of almost any product, starting from dinner for the whole family and ending with pet food. As the situation in 2020 showed, a courier service business may be relevant in times of crisis, during the quarantine period, when many people work remotely and are afraid to go shopping again.


Gradually, courier services master new directions: for example, a subscription delivery service is developing. Another trend in the service sector is narrow specialization. Consumers perceive small firms as experts in a niche, which means they trust them more. All these trends give novice entrepreneurs a great chance to try their hand at the competitive courier market. 



There are two business models: 

  1. a company for the buyer (when the buyer browses the menu, makes a choice and delivery is carried out by the company) 

  2. and a platform for the consumer (the main difference is that the delivery is carried out by the application). 


Which one to choose depends on your goals as an entrepreneur and on whether you already have a delivery service. 



Application Development Cost


What determines the development price for iOS and Android

Prices for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS depend on two key factors:


It can be a freelancer or a studio, both domestic and foreign. The cost of the mobile app development services from Europe or the USA will be 2-3 times higher than our specialists.

The complexity and complexity of the upcoming work

The wider the functionality of the future product, the more voluminous it is in execution, the higher the cost.


There are other factors, but their influence on the formation of the cost of developing a mobile application is not so significant.


What does development time depend on?

The process of creating a mobile application for Android and iOS on average takes from 1.5 to 6 months:

  • application price

  • initial cost estimate takes 2-3 days;

  • market research, competitors will require 2-5 days;

  • drawing up a technical task will take from 5 to 30 days, depending on the complexity of the task. In the process of preparing TK, prototyping and elaboration of the application architecture are also carried out;

  • creation of ux / ui design: will require at least 7 days;

  • programming: the most ambitious stage, the implementation of which takes most of the time allocated to the development of the project;

  • testing and monitoring: conducted over 5-10 days.

The entire development process is divided into sprints (stages): after each of them is completed, testing and coordination with the customer are carried out. Only after this, the specialists proceed to the next sprint. In the event that the application is large enough, some steps can be carried out in parallel, which will speed up the delivery of work.


Price of app development in different countries

High cost is not an indicator of quality. It is enough to just pay attention to the salaries of programmers in various countries for 1 hour of working time and compare them:

  • USA, Australia: sn 50-150 dollars per hour, the cost of a simple project - from 15 000 dollars;

  • Great Britain: sn 60-70 pounds / hour, the cost of a simple project - from 19,500 dollars;

  • Western European countries: sn 60-70 euro / hour, the cost of a simple project - from 19,200 dollars;

  • Eastern European countries: sn 25-50 dollars per hour, the cost of a simple project - from 7 500 dollars;

  • India: sn 8-30 dollars per hour, the cost of a simple project - from 5 700 dollars

These are average indicators of the cost of mobile applications, but in reality, the numbers can fluctuate both up and down.


Search for artists on freelance sites

Freelance communities around the world are developing very quickly. A contractor who is fluent in English, has extensive practical experience in programming, and who is professionally and professionally “writing” projects for mobile phones will need to search. The cost of the work of such a specialist will be 2-3 times lower than that of those removed specialists from America. In view of this, many customers from the USA, Australia, Britain and other countries of the world resort to the services of our compatriots freelancers.

Decide on technical details

Key elements of  on-demand delivery mobile app


Typically, delivery projects consist of the following elements:

  1.  Web site.

  2.  Administrative section for administrator and moderator.

  3.  Admin panel of a partner restaurant.

  4.  Courier mobile app.

  5.  Custom mobile app for iOS and Android.

App design

It is worth highlighting five main factors that are important in the design of interaction with the application.

Targeting. You create a design for a specific user. Now on the Web there is a large amount of data on various categories of users, and many materials - studies, reviews - are available for free. Studying this information will help you create an application that fully meets the needs of the target audience.

Usability. Your application should be convenient and intuitive. For example, if you want to specify a link to go to a third-party resource, then design it in the usual way - using underlined blue text. Convenience and practicality is the first step towards making your program desirable for the user.

Opportunity (affordance) and symbolism. Affordance is a function. For simplicity, we again use the trick with a link. So, a blue underlined text indicates that clicking on it will transfer the user to some address. Such characters should be used in such a way that the user does not reflect on what this or that interface element may mean. Practicality and rationality are our everything.

Learning ability. Ideally, the user should easily guess how to work with the program. Here familiar and familiar application design schemes come to the rescue. They should help a person to get used to the program without any problems.

Feedback and response time. The response of the application should give the user an idea of whether the task is completed or not. It can be a normal sound signal or something more complex - for example, a modal window. Make sure the app’s feedback is in compliance with the guidelines set by the Nielsen Norman Group.


Server and API

It would seem, what does the server have to do with it, when it comes to the application. The mobile app development services will think at all:

You don’t have to worry about the server if you are not developing it!

Not really. If the server is unavailable or the API throws an error, the application receives an error in response and displays it to the user. The user sees an error, goes to the app and writes a bad review. As a result, everyone ate together .

Why do we need a server?

For people far from development, a clarification will be required: what kind of server in general, why it is needed and what is stored there. The server stores all the data, the mobile application and the web browser only display this data in a beautiful and understandable way. The user presses the buttons, the application turns the clicks into specific API requests, makes a request to the server. The server processes the request in accordance with the logic embedded in its work, turns this request into a request to the database and receives some useful information from it. For example, a list of dishes in categories, prices, etc. It is important that in the absence of communication with the server all this work stops.

How to improve the stability of API responses

In fact, for the correct operation of the application, not only a stable server is important, but also the correct answers from the API. What is api? In simple words, this is a request-response protocol between an application and a server. Problems can be when the server developer made changes in the logic of work, accidentally changed and did not test the API.

We recommend using automated testing API services such as

They make test requests to all key API functions, conduct validation checks (for example, the answer must be a number) and write availability / correctness statistics.

If you are a developer and want to sometimes test your api for free, we recommend the Postman service and its plugins:

Maps and geolocation


Because the goods will need to be received from a certain point and forwarded to a specific location, the card will become a necessary part of the delivery application. But do not be afraid - there is no need to create your own. You can use Google Maps or Open Street Maps (OSM) and just make personal functions to determine the location of the smartphone. And you also need to add real-time order tracking - for example, buyers will want to find out, in fact, that their goods are on their way.



1. Product catalog, convenient selection by parameters and viewing details.

There are two types of people: some come to the store for a choice, others look for something specific. To meet the needs of those others, you need to create a search-friendly catalog, which presents the entire range of your products. A person searches for different parameters (if it is clothing, size, color, manufacturer, brand, fabric, season and price are important), but if a person is just looking for something to catch his eye on, then many details can scatter his attention, and he is unlikely to make a spontaneous purchase. How to solve this problem? We made such a catalog of goods: product cards are bright and represent the model in all its glory, and when you click on the picture the user sees a detailed description. In this case, the search for goods can be carried out according to the selected parameters.

2. The ability to purchase online.

An important option of a mobile application for an online store is to buy online, even better if in several ways. It is important to consider the specifics of your niche. For example, somewhere it is very important to see the goods before purchase, therefore, if you have points of issue, the mobile application should also have a map of points, the ability to choose a payment method and point, and, ideally, the ability to change the payment method and point of issue while it is possible. The buyer should be as comfortable as possible in your application, otherwise why download it if the market is full of competitive offers and offline points of sale?

The purchase process can be simplified by adding the option of “linking” a bank card to the application: the buyer doesn’t even need to enter anything, he selected the product, clicked the buy button and confirmed with the code. But there are drawbacks: people are still afraid to trust their data to mobile devices. Therefore, you should seriously think about security and a reliable authorization system, which will be convenient for the user.

3. Wishlist reduces customer service time.

Not all stores sell online, and this does not mean that the development of a mobile application is contraindicated for them. There are complex products, and you can use the application to make it easier for the buyer to choose. There are such products that buyers go with lists, for example, goods for repair and building materials. The application can serve as an assistant to the user in the selection of goods and save lists of desired purchases. Then, having come to the store, the user only needs to contact the seller with a list (or pre-order directly from the application). This reduces the time of customer service and the time of the buyer to make purchases. After all, now he does not need to wander around the departments in search of the necessary goods.

4. The recommendation system helps to make resales.

If a recommendation system is implemented on your site, then it’s a sin not to give this useful tool to users of a mobile application. If you do not yet have such a tool, then you should think about its implementation. This is necessary for users - customers are lost in a huge amount of goods and get tired of searches, and here you offer them exactly what they most likely need. This is also useful for you - you increase sales. Recommender systems are different and with different levels of complexity for development. You can recommend it based on already selected or viewed products, as well as through offers of related products. There is only one principle: after analyzing the user's behavior, you can assume his needs and interests, and offer him something valuable for him. What he is likely to buy.


system of recommendations in the application

5. The availability of goods and a map with the nearest stores saves buyers time.

Imagine that you urgently need to buy shoes, there is no computer nearby, and not everyone is comfortable using the site on a mobile device. At the same time, finding the right model for shopping will take a lot of time. Presented? This is a real pain for many buyers, because not everyone likes to spend time on long shopping. That is why the option of checking the availability of goods in stores, and then a quick and convenient search for these stores on the map, is a valuable offer to users of a mobile application for an online store. How to put it into practice? You can ask the staff to enter relevant data, or you can integrate the application with the site, 1C, other services that track the availability of goods in your warehouse and stores.


6. News and events involve users.

It is not a mandatory section of a mobile application for an online store, but in some cases it can serve as a tool for engaging users and stimulating purchases. But in order for news and events to work for your purposes, and not occupy a place in the application and not distract users from your services, you need to notify only about important marketing campaigns, events of interest (for example, a fashion show, an exhibition of new products, etc. )


Payment system


The payment page should be an integral part of the application.


As for the payment page itself, it is important to adhere to a single design corresponding to the application. The easiest and safest way to integrate payment acceptance in the application is to customize the payment form for mobile devices and integrate it through the built-in browser. It is also possible to introduce a payment form directly into the application, but this significantly increases the level of risks, which means that it leads to an increase in commission.

The design of the payment form, customized for other screens of the application, is positively perceived by the buyer: he is calm and knows that he is still in the same application where he placed the order.


You need to consider the differences between mobile devices and desktops


The mobile app development services must understand not only the psychology, but also the physiology of the buyer: when a person holds a smartphone in one hand, it should be convenient for him to operate with just one thumb.


Fields of the payment form should be minimized and simplified, this applies to both the mobile site and the application. You need to request only the data that is really necessary for the payment. Keep the manual set of numbers and letters to a minimum - typing on the keyboard of a mobile device is not very convenient, there is a great chance to seal up or suffer from auto-corrector replacements. If possible, use the drop-down lists that are convenient to “scroll” with one finger on the touch screen.


Do not overload!


An important role is played by page loading speed in a mobile browser. If the payment page is too “heavy”, the user may not wait for it to fully load and go to another resource.


But at the same time, on the payment form, the user should see information about the order. It often happens that during the payment of a purchase (especially expensive, such as air travel, for example), at the stage of payment, the buyer wants to check the details of the order again. In the case of plane tickets, this can be time, airport, flight date. To reduce the number of refusals from the payment form, it is recommended that all the important information be posted to the payment page without overloading it.


Provide the buyer with the necessary information


Do not forget to inform the buyer about the stage of payment processing, as the process of verification and authorization of the payment takes time.

So the user does not have the feeling that his device is hanging, or “something went wrong” and the payment was not made.


If an error occurs during payment, inform the buyer about its causes, whether it is an incorrectly completed payment form, lack of funds on the card, or any other problem. In addition, it is also advisable to recommend ways to solve it - choose another payment instrument, try to pay later, contact the support service.


Security Information Is Important


Today, almost every smartphone is a repository of vital information of its owner. All photos, contacts, messages, access to mail and social networks, payment data and confidential information - in fact, having free access to a mobile device, you can find out almost everything about a person. The owners themselves understand this, so they are often reluctant to leave their data when registering and paying. To convince them of the protection of their bank card details, use the relevant information on the payment form:


If your service offers frequent purchases, you can link the user’s card to the device. Regular customers will thank you - after all, to make a purchase, just enter a minimum of data - for example, only the CVV code on the back of the card. 


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