The Greatest Otaku Debate All Over The World: Subbed VS Dubbed

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Date: 2021/06/04 10:58:35

People are half and half in which version is better. Is it Dubbed or Subbed? Let’s find out.

A lot of anime lovers are often torn whenever they watch anime online. To think about it, they are not torn on what to watch or where to watch free anime online. They are more torn on the idea of whether to watch it dubbed or subbed.  If you happened to be one of these few people, then it is indeed a dilemma. Many otakus often argue which of these two is really better.

Which is really better? Dubbed? Or Subbed? Which of these two would you prefer?

Subbed VS Dubbed: What is the difference?

Whenever you say “English Subbed” or “Korean Subbed” or even “Russian Subbed”, it means to talk about subtitled. Subtitles are the small words you see on the screen. The characters remain to talk in Japanese but you can see the translations beneath them.

When you talk about Dubbed, it pertains to the characters being dubbed into another language. For example, when you say English Dubbed, the characters are talking in your native language and not with the original language of the anime, which is Japanese.  Dubbed is not only applicable in English but some free anime online sites offer dubbed versions of animes in different languages such as German, French, Portugues, Dutch, etc. However, most of the time, English dubs are commonly used.

Why Subbed is better?

One of the aesthetics of watching subbed anime on your favorite anime streaming site is the culture. In many cases, you can really see the essence of the Japanese culture whenever you watched the subbed version.  From the honorifics to formal and informal Japanese, you get to see it in the subbed version. Isn’t cute when you see the characters adding –chan at the end of their names?

It doesn’t make it weird since the characters are saying the words in the original language.  You can hear how the words are pronounced and how they are expressed. Some of the seiyuus (voice actors) match their voices really well. It gives you the complete Japanese feels when watching the anime.

One of the downsides of the subbed version is that not all the translations are accurate. Sometimes, some fansubs are on a hit-and-miss basis. Some translations are translated really well; sometimes the translations can be in the literal sense.  Aside from that, some people don’t really like reading while watching motion. In many cases, they believed that it’s hard to concentrate on watching the anime while reading the translation. To get the best information about free anime online it is advisable to go online at

Animes Worth Watching Subbed

•    Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)
•    One Piece
•    Death Note
•    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
•    Jujutsu Kaisen

Why is Dubbed Better?

The aesthetics of watching a dubbed anime is hassle-free watching. Since the characters are already speaking in your language, it makes it easier for you to understand the whole scenario.  You can use the anime as white noise when you are doing something since you can already understand the situation of the characters in the anime.

However, one of the downsides is the translations. Some translations in the English version don’t really fit well. Thus, you can see some of these catchphrases are omitted since they don’t really make sense. Aside from that, some of the American voice actors don’t really have the same feel as the Seiyuus. For example, English Deku (My Hero Academia)  sounds really different from Japanese Deku. Although they share the same translation in subbed and dubbed, it gives a different tone and character to Deku.  But there are still some characters that you can really enjoy watching in the dubbed version. For example, IchigoKurusagi sounds really good either dubbed or subbed.

Animes that are worth watching Dubbed

•    Soul Eater
•    Bleach
•    Trigun
•    Dragon Ball Z
•    Naruto
•    Fairy Tale

The Comparison

All in all, everyone has their own different preference when it comes to watching anime from your free anime website. You can opt for the dubbed or sub. However, there are certain beauties in both versions of the anime. The Dubbed version makes it easier for you to understand the dialogs more efficiently. Aside from that, it helps you pay more attention to what is currently going on in the anime. However, if you want to feel the Japanese culture in the anime, then opt for the subbed version. You might actually learn to pick up a word or two to make watching a better experience.


Whether or not you like the subbed or dubbed, you should watch anime online at your pace. You might easily understand the subbed version better. You can also simply enjoy the hassle-free watching of your favorite anime. Regardless, it’s up to you to choose dubbed or subbed on watching your favorite anime from your favored streaming site.

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