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Despite the fact that speed zones are usually put up to encourage safe driving, stated limitations are usually ignored or disregarded, and traffic slowing in these areas usually entails physical adjustments to the highway or surroundings. Speed bumps and speed humps are physical bumps on the road that shock the occupants of a car going too rapidly over them. They are the most commonly used structural components for traffic calming. They can be made from of asphalt, concrete, plastic, rubber, or metal. 

Despite the fact that these approaches are interconnected and share many benefits, they are not interchangeable solutions; they are best employed in various scenarios.

Humps for Acceleration
Speed humps, also known as road humps or undulations, are used in 10–15 mph speed zones. They're common on side streets and connecting roads where traffic must move smoothly while pedestrians are at risk. These are commonly used to control traffic in playgrounds and school zones. An automobile gets a small rocking sensation when passing over a speed hump at the posted speed limit. 

These barriers usually run the length of the lane in which they are installed. This encourages vehicles to pass over them on both wheels, reducing the chance of a crash.

Speed humps come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as various lengths of travel. The pain experienced by a fast vehicle is influenced by several factors. The distance covered ranges from 3 to 20 feet.

What Do We Actually Have to Offer?
Any journey length greater than the vehicle provides just one up-and-down motion, but any trip length shorter than the vehicle creates two rocking movements when each set of wheels passes over. The majority of speed humps are put in a logical order to ensure a consistent speed decrease over a lengthy stretch of road. These vertical deflections are not appropriate for arterial roads, emergency routes, or any other road where a motorist might easily avoid the hump by driving on the shoulder. As a result, they're most commonly seen in one- or two-lane small urban districts with curbs and closed sewers. The following items are available in our online store: 

  • Speed Bump And Humps Sanitizing Mats
  • Parking Blocks with Cable Protectors
  • Rubber Corner Protectors

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So, what's next?
When speed humps are installed in areas with a shoulder, they are sometimes accompanied with bollards or other obstructive barriers to prevent vehicles from exiting the road. Take a peek at our collection of speed bumps. We provide a wide range of rubber and plastic parking blocks to fulfill your parking block requirements. Customers include individuals, companies, schools, contractors, and towns. Parking blocks ships from a variety of locations around the country in order to optimize delivery speed and save shipping costs.

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