General ISO Requirements And Considerations For Testing

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Date: 2021/09/16 17:11:21

Biotechnology -- Analytical Methods -- General requirements and considerations regarding the testing and characterisation of cellular therapeutic drugs. This document outlines the requirements for testing cellular therapeutic medicines intended for human consumption. This document provides guidelines for the testing and characterization of cellular therapeutic drugs. It also includes methods to choose and design appropriate analytical methods. These considerations can help to determine the critical quality attributes of a cellular therapeutic drug. This document applies to cellular starting materials, including those for tissue engineered products, and intermediates of cell therapeutic products. This document does not apply to transplanted tissues.


Molecular biomarker Analysis -- A method for statistically evaluating analytical results obtained during testing sub-sampled populations of genetically modified grains and seeds -- General requirements

This document outlines the requirements, procedures, and performance criteria to evaluate the genetically modified (GM), seeds/grains in a lot using a group testing strategy. It includes qualitative analysis of sub-sampled samples followed by statistical evaluation. This document can be used to estimate the GM content of a lot on a percentage basis. It is also applicable for testing towards a specific reject/accept criterion, and cases in which seed/grain lots have stacked events. This document does not apply to processed products. See this Collection of latest standards from ISO, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, and SIST.


Geometrical product specifications for (GPS). Acceptance and reverification testing for coordinate measuring systems.

This document outlines the acceptance tests that can be used to verify the laser tracker's performance by measuring the length of calibrated tests according to manufacturer specifications. The document also includes the reverification test that allows the user to periodically reverify its performance. This document applies to laser trackers that use a retroreflector or retroreflector combined with an optical distance sensor or stylus as a probing device. This document can be used to verify laser trackers that use absolute distance measurement (ADM), interferometric measurement, or both. This document can be used to verify and specify the performance of any other spherical coordinate measuring systems that use cooperative targets such as laser radar.


Wheels for passenger cars and light trucks -- Clip and adhesive weight, rim flange nomenclature and test procedures

This document outlines the minimum performance requirements and procedures for testing passenger vehicle wheels without tyres to ensure that balance weights are not retained. It also specifies the general features of configurations of clip weights, rim-flanges for light steel and alloy wheels and adhesive weights. Future versions of the design may include alternative geometries and materials.


Meat and meat products -- Method for determining the chloramphenicol level -- Reference method

This document describes the liquid chromatographic method (LC) for the determination the chloramphenicol level in muscle tissue of meat, poultry, and livestock. This document describes the liquid chromatography tandem mass-spectrometry method (LC/MS/MS) to determine the chloramphenicol contents of muscle tissue, liver, and other meat products. This document specifies LC/MS/MS as the preferred method. The LC method can be used to determine chloramphenicol levels greater than 6,5A mg/kg. The LC-MS/MS method is used to determine chloramphenicol levels greater than 0,1A ILg/kg. This method cannot analyse test samples that have been damaged.


Information technology -- Service management

This document provides guidance about the relationship between ISO/IEC20000aEUR"1and a common service management framework, ITIL. Anyone can use it to learn how ITIL works with ISO/IEC 20000aEUR". ClauseA 4 explains how ITIL can be used to support conformity with ISO/IEC 20000aEUR". ClauseA 5 links the ITIL documents with requirements in ISO/IEC 20000aEUR". Tables in AnnexA A correspond terms and clauses of ISO/IEC 20000aEUR'1 to ITIL, and vice versa. AnnexA B tables correlate clauses from ISO/IEC 20000-1 and the ITIL 4 publications.

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