How To Make A Preparation Strategy To Crack Indian Talent Olympiad Exams?

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Date: 2020/08/26 08:30:58

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Since its establishment in 2012, the Indian Talent Olympiad has been helping students from all over India to look forward to a brighter future. This organization is the top organization that was built by India’s leading academicians and scientists. 

Importance of Olympiad Examinations for a student

The Olympiad Exams are very helpful to the students to analyse their skills and real possibilities in the coming future. They also bring out the areas where skills are lacking so that a proper direction can be given to improve the weaker section.

They are perfect for understanding the concept of subject matter about students. They test students’ tendencies as well as their knowledge of a particular subject to prepare them for the future.

This organization (ITO) establishes the quality of hard work by encouraging them to prepare hard for exams and improve results. It also sharpens their thinking and learning process, which helps them understand the ideas taught in the school, and also improves the overall performance in the class.

Winners are awarded prizes and are encouraged to prepare for the International level exams. It also helps them to secure a brighter future.

How to Participate in Olympiad Examinations?

You can participate in the ITO exams through the following ways:

  1. The Indian Talent Olympiad registration forms are sent to each school along. The teachers of the school collect those registration forms.
  3. If any school is not registered with ITO, they can get help from a phone call or e-mail. 
  4. Students must complete the registration process with all the details that are required in the form and submit them to their school.

  6. The schools have to return those registration forms to the ITO within the given time along with the fee of INR 125 for each form.

What Are The Subjects available in ITO Exams?

9 subjects are tested every year to students from class 1 to class 12.

  1. International Science Olympiad.
  2. International English Olympiad.
  3. General Knowledge International Olympiad.
  4. International Computer Olympiad.
  5. International Mathematics Olympiad.
  6. International Drawing Olympiad.
  7. National Essay Olympiad.
  8. National Social Studies Olympiad.
  9. International Spell E Olympiad.

How Can You Prepare For The Olympiad Exams?

Follow these steps to prepare for the examinations:


  • You will get the exam syllabuses through the school and you need to read it thoroughly to clear the concepts.
  • The levels of difficulty depending on the class. You have to prepare accordingly to answer all the questions.
  • To get relevant books for exams, you can search for Olympiad books that are available on the internet or you can purchase it from the official website of ITO.
  • You can also search for the previous year sample question papers of Indian Talent Olympiad. It will help you to gain some idea about the difficulty level and question patterns.


If you read the above steps carefully and prepare well, no-body can hold you to crack the Olympiad Examination or other competitive exams.

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