The Litebit Wallet 101 for Beginner

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Date: 2021/03/19 11:47:42

LiteBit Wallet is a tool that functions as your coin storage in the digital environment. Using wallet as the Cryptocurrencies' storage is a common thing of the Crypto trader as they are using the LiteBit Wallet to secure their Cryptos. LiteBit Wallet is different from the other Crypto wallets. It is uniquely designed to bring a fast and easy-to-manage e-wallet to its users. While in the other e-wallet out there, mostly designed for the storage purpose only and not minding the crucial aspects like security and comfortability.


By using the LiteBit Wallet, you can access your Crypto in the easiest way whenever you want to access it. Not only that, but you can also get the feature to analyze the information toward your profit and loss. The other advantage that you can get by using the LiteBit Wallets is the efficiency. You don't have to download it separately on any device like desktop, laptop, smartphone, or even tablet. All you have to do is access it from your browser, and you can get the comprehended information toward your Crypto coins and their actual value in the real currency like the euro or U.S Dollar. LiteBit wallet also provides you the feature to sell or transfer your Crypto coins to LiteBit exchange or transfer to another account.


LiteBit Wallet can give you the management feature that helps you separate all of your coins based on their types for the management aspect. For example, if you have 50 Bitcoins and 25 Ethereum, those coins will not be placed at the same location but will be separated into several batches to make it easier to find it whenever you need it in a hurry. In technical understanding, each coin will be given the blockchain and unique address to make them gather based on their type.


How can I buy cryptocurrencies on Litebit?

Buying a Cryptocurrency is not as hard as you may think before. You can buy it directly through your account in a Crypto trading platform like LiteBit. The first thing that you can do before you buy some Cryptos is making your account. You can go to Litebit's website and click on the sign-up button. In this panel, you need to fill the forms with your personal identity starting from your ID, name, address, email, and phone number. After that, you can propose the verification to the platform.


In the verification process, you will get the email from LiteBit that contains the link or the code number that you can use as the password to unlock your account. After that, you will be given the option to bring your account a feature of two-step verification. In order to get the securest feature in this platform, we highly recommend you to agree with this offer. Why? Because once you accept the two-step verification, you can get the double portals when you log in to your account. This process is important to minimize the risk of being hacked by the criminals out there.


When your account is settled, you can start looking for your desired Cryptocurrency. You only need to tap or click the market menu on your dashboard and search it by the categories and prices. 


If you have already got the desired coin, you can continue to purchase it with the payments option provided within the platform. You can also use the LiteBit wallet to purchase the coin. The point plus in this e-wallet is you can get some discount on the purchase.

In order to make the product get cheaper, we recommend you to use the Litebit credit. What is LiteBit credit? LiteBit credit is a currency that is used within the LiteBit platform only and cannot be used in the other platform outside of LiteBit. 1 Litebit credit is worth 1 euro. You can top up this credit by bank transfer, or you can go to LiteBit's office directly. The advantage of using LiteBit credit is you can get the promo from LiteBit as a discount for particular coins for a limited time.


How can I sell cryptocurrencies on Litebit?


Selling the Cryptocurrency is a great method of making some fresh money. In LiteBit, you can sell some of your coins on the marketplace or LiteBit wallet. 

To sell Cryptocurrency from your Litebit wallet, first, go to your wallet and choose Sell. Then you indicate the amount of Cryptocurrency you want to sell. When everything is specified, the broker will provide a payout. Payment is done by bank transfer and can take up to 1 business day. Our experience is that it is credited to your account within one hour (a Dutch bank).

If you want to know how to sell the Crypto via a wallet, you are in the right place to learn. Here is the step to sell your coins through LiteBit wallet:


  1. You have to create the sell order from your LiteBit account

  2. After that, you will get the unique address which later will have the function as the address to transfer the Crypto from your wallet to your customer's wallet.


The trading fee that is charged to you mostly around 2%, but in some cases, it can be lower if the buyer is using the LiteBit credit. If you are looking for an alternative from LiteBit, you can try to use Bitvavo. In Bitvavo, you only charged 0.25% per transaction, and it is the lowest price that you can get from the entire Crypto platforms in the world.


Litebit Bottom line


Using the LiteBit Wallet is the perfect choice for you because you can get the comprehended feature from easy management, high security, and ease to use. These advantages led the people with minimum experience and knowledge in Crypto to become able to use it and optimize the experience in Crypto trading. Plus, you can also get the feature to sell your coin in the easiest way ever. Make your LiteBit account now and enjoy this feature for your better experience in trading the Cryptos.


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