How To Write The Body Paragraphs Of An Essay

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A body paragraph in an essay is a group of related sentences describing and discussing a particular topic and idea that relates to the thesis. Because an essay contains multiple paragraphs so it is important to pay careful attention to writing and organizing these paragraphs in order to create a well-organized essay. 

The term body paragraphs or body of the essay refers to all paragraphs in between the introduction and conclusion. The majority of the essays consist of multiple paragraphs where the main information is presented. For a standard 5 paragraph essay, there are 3 body paragraphs. But the number of body paragraphs can be increased depending upon the type of essay and the topic. These paragraphs contain the most important facts and explanation so well-written body paragraphs are important to come up with a successful essay. 


Each main idea that you introduced in your outline will become one of the body paragraphs. For example, if you have three or four main ideas outlined, you will have three or four body paragraphs. For writing an impressive body section of an essay, have a look at the following points that all body paragraphs must-have. Otherwise, you can also get professional help from an online essay writing service to tackle any kind of assignment prompt. 

Each body paragraph of an essay must incorporate:

1. A Topic Sentence

It is the first sentence of each body paragraph that informs the reader what the paragraph is all about. Keep in mind that the main idea should be focused and arguable. By focused it means to make a point in each body paragraph and then proves it. And by specific, it means to come up with debatable points that you have to prove with evidence. 

It serves as a mini-thesis statement that aims to unify the text of the paragraph. Everything that a paragraph elaborates must relate to the topic sentence. 

2. Supporting Detail/Specific Evidence

No matter what type of essay you are assigned to write, it is important to provide supporting evidence and details to fully develop the body paragraphs. This detail can be in the form of examples, statistics, and quotes from other sources. 

For writing an effective essay, it is important to conduct in-depth research and collect relevant information from different sources. This information should be incorporated into the body paragraphs to support the topic sentence. 

3. Transition 

All body paragraphs should provide transitions so that the reader can easily move to the next point/paragraph gradually. Students usually make a mistake and end the paragraph with a transition but it is recommended to always start the paragraph with the transition instead of at the end. 

4. A Concluding Sentence 

Although this point is not necessary if you wish you can include a summary sentence at the end of each body paragraph. Do not include this sentence if it has even a slight tendency to sound forced. Pay more attention to this concluding sentence. 

Once you are done writing each of your body paragraphs, one for each main idea, you are all set to write the final words in the conclusion. If still find any difficulty do go for write essay for me services.


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