Earnings from selling and renting books

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Earnings from selling and renting books


Although we are living in the age of electronic devices, many fans of reading a good work are still adherents of classic paper books that can be held in hand and rustle, turning page by page. And since there is still a demand for books in the binding, there will be an opportunity to make money on the sale of books. In this article we will tell you what ways to make money on the sale of books in the real world or online. However, e-books are gaining in popularity, and therefore the sale of e-books should be considered more carefully. There are trading platforms which allow you easy to sell and rent out your textbooks to people who need them. Booksrun is the easiest way to get money on textbooks you do not need no more. 


Why selling books, especially online, is a great way to make money? Today there are several ways to effectively sell books not only to buyers from your city, but also around the world. We will describe how people now make money from books in detail below.


The three main ways to make money selling books...

There are 3 most effective and profitable ways to make money on the sale of books. First, you can always go to your own home library. If you are interested in selling books you don't need, you can sell them through online trading platforms by putting them up as lots for sale. To determine the value of each book individually from your own library, you can search for similar copies already for sale, and thus determine the average value. It happens that the house holds really valuable copies, issued in small circulation, other rare books, which are hunted by collectors and professional booksellers. You can sell such a book for a very large sum of money, but to understand what kind of book is really valuable, you will probably need expert opinion.


The second option is to mediate between the seller and buyer of electronic copies of books. Let's say the seller, usually an online store, sells a number of electronic (or traditionally classic in the binder) books, and there is a potential buyer who is looking for something from this series of books, but has not yet found them. The task of the intermediary - to find a seller and resell the desired book to the buyer. This variant of earning on the sale of books is associated with several important advantages. We do not sell our own collection, do not spend a lot of money to create your own shop, etc.


Finally, the third option as the most interesting, but difficult, we will consider the latter. You can make money selling books by taking action and creating your own online store, a group on social networking sites or just a blog where we will sell books. There are many opportunities, so we will dwell on this option in more detail.


Main ways to make money renting out textbooks


There are most easy and profitable ways to get money on the renting out of textbooks.You have your own home library with textbooks you bought for studying or for getting new knowledge in your profession. You had spent a lot of money and do not want to sell these textbooks, or you know that some of them will be useful for you in future. If you are interested in renting out textbooks you don't need for now, you can put them through online on trading platforms. People can get cheap textbooks for their needs and they do not need to buy them, while you will get a good profit. 

How to start earning on selling books

So, consider selling your own books through one of the sites on the Internet. Let's start with selling our own books to minimize the amount of initial capital. All books that you plan to sell should be photographed so that you can clearly see the state of the book. The description of the books should include the following:


  • Author and title of the work;

  • The thickness of the book (i.e. the number of pages);

  • Despite the presence of the photo, it is necessary to indicate the defects in advance, if any. Including, if defects were found even on one of the pages of the book (for example: "on 67 page coffee trail from a cup");

  • If there are illustrations in the book, please indicate this and take at least one photo with the illustration;

  • Enter the name of the publisher who published the book;

  • For rare books, it is very important to specify the circulation and year of issue;

  • If the book was published abroad, please indicate the country of publication.

You can do without this information, but then some potential buyers will not make a purchase, afraid of the lack of information (unfortunately, on the Internet on such trading platforms are many fraudsters), or in any case will try to contact you to clarify these aspects. It is easier and faster to spend time once, and fill in all the information about books at once.


How much can a book cost?

In order to make money from selling books, you need to understand what their cost is. What factors influence its price in the direction of price increase, and what factors, on the contrary, devalue the book.

Factors that lead to cheaper books can be referred to:


  • Defects in the book, bad bindings, pages. The book almost completely loses its value if there are not enough pages in it;

  • Books that are still in production are much cheaper than those that are no longer in production.

Factors that may affect the price of a book upwards:


  • If we are talking about rare books, then the rarer the book has a smaller edition, the more expensive it is. On the contrary, for most books in the educational, technical and scientific fields. Books in the latest (i.e. the most correct and corrected) edition will be of great value. This does not apply to special rare books of scientific subject matter, where the role can no longer be played by the content, but by the fact of rarity;

  • Children's books with beautiful illustrations are more expensive, especially if the illustrator is known to the buyer. For example, parents often look for old children's books with illustrations from their childhood;

  • A complete collection of works by one author together (complete set) will cost significantly more than the amount from the sale of each book individually from that set.

Now that we know what is more profitable to make money from selling books, it is time to distribute your collection at potential value, and first try to sell the most expensive copies. Such books are sold much faster than the publicly available and rare ones.


Finally, let's give some advice on where it is best to make money selling books. Rare book copies are best sold on specialized trading floors in the network. That's where collectors are looking for rare books. Books with large circulation, in poor quality or simply not very interesting audience of specialized resources is best sold on free sites or in groups of social networks. Remember that books from the second group should be sold at a discount to their value in the store at least 50%. Rare books, on the other hand, can be sold for a lot of money if you can't find them in bookstores.


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