5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Thesis Writing Services

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Many students who are either feeling tired or not in a position to write a dissertation usually hire thesis writing services. Although this is the easiest way out of the situation, it is not usually the best. This is because, by having the thesis written by someone else, you will not benefit from the process. First, when the lecturer or professor gives you the task, he wants you to learn and master the process. Without undergoing the process of thesis writing, you will not have grasped all the skills of the course. Also, by giving out the task to another person, it means that you are a cheat. When the time comes, you will present the thesis to the lecturer knowing too well that you did not work on it. Read on to discover the 5 reasons why you should avoid thesis writing services.

Most services lack qualified thesis writers

Dissertation writing is a complex skill and it takes almost a decade for one to master the necessary skills.  And since the services are expected to produce dissertations in different subjects, there is a need to have experts in different fields of study to handle the projects. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible and many dissertation writers work on subjects that they are not well conversant with thereby producing a very poor thesis. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid thesis services as they will thesis copies that you will not be proud of.

The services do not produce a thesis on time

Many thesis companies promise students that their thesis will be complete on time and way before the deadline. However, a student should be able to tell whether the promises are realistic or not. This is given that thesis writers have many other projects that they are working on. In practice, it is almost impossible to deliver a quality thesis within a month. If a service promises to deliver the thesis within two weeks or so know that either the service is a cheat or relies on extensive plagiarism. Some unscrupulous thesis writing services will just copy and paste information from other complete dissertations to cut down on the work. You will find that most services will produce thesis weeks after the deadline has passed. The process of producing a thesis paper requires extensive research, verification before putting the information in the dissertation. This cannot possibly happen in less than a month. If it does, you should put the credibility of the information into question.

You will be overcharged

Many thesis writing services charge initial amount of money claiming that it will cover the full production of the dissertation. Later, you will be informed that your thesis requires additional resources and research, and thus, you will have to pay more to have it completed. This can increase your costs considerably. The companies manage to swindle more money from unsuspecting clients because they know that they are unwilling to cancel the projects.

They deliver plagiarized projects

Most dissertation services will just pick an already complete dissertation from the archives; edit out the keywords before delivering the same to clients. It is only after submitting the same to your professor that you realize that the entire paper was copied from another person. Unfortunately, you will be the one to suffer from the consequences of plagiarism.


From what we have seen above, going for thesis writing services is will do you more harm than good. From plagiarized work to poor quality work, to past deadlines, the services are not worth your time. Always try to write the thesis yourself as that will save you time, reputation and enable you to master dissertation writing skills. 

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