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Date: 2020/09/04 14:40:04

Shipping your products from china to the Amazon FBA warehouse does not need to be difficult. Amazon is an astounding reliable service. The goods delivered there can be sold worldwide and this is a reliable set-up. It does not matter if your business is well established or not, with a budding business too you might forever feel a need to expand your roots. Services like Amazon are world-renowned and generate millions of customers who rely on their service. If your product is available there it will be in the world market list of products. In the ensuing paragraphs, we will describe our services that can help you get your goods delivered to Amazon FBA and Amazon warehouses in the USA.

How does it work?

  • The first step of delivering any kind of good may it be perishable or not is to pick-it-up. The pickup services trucks pickup your valuable product from the point of your destination. The shipping from china to Amazon FBA can be managed viably and customized according to your need.
  • The product that we receive from you may need packaging according to the rules and regulations of Amazon services. We offer services like repacking if need be, poly bag packaging, labeling, and bundling the product. To avoid conflicts we make sure that your product meets the Amazon requirements.
  • We manage to ship from China to Amazon FBA via Amazon DHL Shop, UPS, Air, Train, or by the bay, depending on your needs. We take over the entire operation, including customs clearance, taxes. Especially if the product you want to deliver is being delivered from china to Amazon FBA USA. The paperwork can be a bit hectic so while you focus on product management, we focus on having it smoothly delivered to your destination point.


The product labeling is an important part of our service. Your poly bags and cartons are labeled. This is one of the key requirements for Amazon services.  Shipping from China to Amazon FBA requires this feature.

Custom services can be very hectic to deal with especially if the product needs to be shipped from China to Amazon FBA USA. We have professionals who remain quite attentive to the latest customs regulations and laws enforced. Additionally, they bear the responsibility of categorically dividing products into thousands of categories available. It doesn’t matter if you are working with us for the first time or you are a regular customer. We oblige the rules of custom and make sure your product passes through swiftly so that the shipping from china to Amazon FBA USA is smooth.

We work with top-notch carriers around the world. We can deliver your product at the most affordable prices and safe space for your customers. We will handle your shipping door-to-door according to your needs right from booking your freight, arranging pickup and delivery, and managing import/export paperwork. If the shipping has to be from China to Amazon FBA USA the paperwork can be hectic and we help manage it for you while you focus on your customer services.

We deliver a range of affordable air freight options that can be customized to your shipping needs. Our diligent, committed global teams track air transfers 24/7 to ensure your time-sensitive cargo arrives as scheduled at its final destination. We offer various options for air freight services like urgent and standard flights. 

International shipping can be a complex operation, especially concerning paperwork, regulations, and routing decisions, so let us use our skills and expertise to take care of it for you! We will step in to make your international shipping process simpler and smoother so that you can concentrate on your business. 

Why choose us?

Managing suppliers in China is very time-consuming. We work by outsourcing the process of planning and logistics to us, you save more time that can be spent on customer support, promotions, and sales.

  • We have services that sought us in the market, and have relationships with airlines, delivery companies, and freight companies.
  • We take advantage of the low cost of labor in China and manage to get you lower cost of preparation than in the USA.
  • We know you have different needs compared to others-so we have a system that only allows you to pay for the services you are using.

Do you have any issues regarding shipping from China to USA? We also have a solution for you! We know you might need to defend your product from competition or others who might attempt to copy your product.

Our Customs Services

In order to ship products from china to Amazon FBA USA, the customs can be an issue. Our custom consultants will evaluate the supply chain to help improve customs operations, manage customs duties, tariffs, and other taxes along with identifying potential risk areas and manage internal controls and enforcement procedures.

We work with you to plan and send all the required paperwork, and then clear your goods through Customs. We ensure that the products you send comply 100% with Customs rules and regulations, pay customs duties and tariffs and eventually ship your products to their final destination. 

Viable Services

As your trusted partner, we can provide trouble-free service by handling the entire shipping process effortlessly, from booking, pickup, and delivery, to customs and documentation and beyond. In this business world, time limits matter. Therefore, we only work with trustworthy and reliable carriers to ensure that your goods are delivered safely on schedule, and wherever necessary.

Cargo services

Our shipping insurance policies cover your goods, your credibility, and your earnings. We collaborate with a trusted network of contacts around the world to provide robust and accessible coverage options. With our security, every shipment will allow you to reduce costly losses. Our flexible policies are designed to protect in-transit shipments and warehoused goods from any loss or harm possible. Examples include damage to the water, theft, and damage during loading or unloading. It gives you peace of mind that they take care of everything. We collaborate with a trusted network of contacts around the world to provide robust and accessible coverage options. With our security, every shipment will allow you to reduce costly losses.


At China freight services we provide the most reliable and trustworthy ways of transportation. If you need your products shipping from China to Amazon FBA or Amazon USA warehouse then our services are what you could rely on. Along with packaging your products to match international standards we staff people who acquire customs knowledge. We make sure that your product is seamlessly delivered without any hindrances.

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