Questions you should ask yourself while looking for a water slide

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Date: 2020/09/22 21:39:14

Adding new inflatables in your stock may be exciting, however don’t do it on a whim. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself while making a new purchase of an inflatable water slide. This guide will help you to pick the best one for your inventory. While searching the best for you if you get a little doubt then we recommend clearing it with the shop owner. So, here are the questions and reasons why you should ask these questions to yourself. 

  • Will it be safe?

By safe we don’t mean to check only the safety precautions but you need to be a little bit creative and think how kids will use it for enjoyment. Everyone knows children determine a lot of different approaches to doing the same things that they shouldn’t perform on inflatable water slides. There isn't any manner you could count on everything, however just by taking a simple look at the inflatable you can identify or make some guesses of different situations where it can go wrong.

And sometimes you may find some things which will not give you any idea about how kids can use it in the wrong way until you purchase it and see the kids performing different activities on it. At that time you can not do much except teach your personnel to encompass a caution withinside the protection review with the customer. And then do not buy that layout again if you see it in future. 

Safety is continually a concern, but if you have inflatables in your stock that you know are dangerous for kids and can put you in a troublesome situation will only increase your stress and nothing else. 

  • Is it specific?

If you have a large inventory that has a lot of space to carry such inflatables that are designed for specific audiences and are not generally used by all then you will not face any problem buying a new one. But in the case there is an issue of space and budget both then you need to think. I recommend you to buy one that often people want on rent.

Sometimes the shop owner will show you some gender specific inflatable which may attract you but in my view they are of no use and tend to rent less often. These types of inflatables don't attract young kids who often want to enjoy their day with their group which consists of both males and females. And if these things are designed for teens then it probably you will get the maximum rental orders on graduation time only which means less profit.

Well, there is nothing bad if you have such things in your stock but what’s important is to think about the specifications at the time when you are making a new purchase for your inventory, this can save your many bucks. 

  • Are the rental rates high enough?

Some gadgets simply don’t hire for sufficient cash to be really well worth your time. They aren’t going to give you any profit.

For instance, fashionable jump homes in a few regions don’t bring enough money to be really well worth it. A combo of jump & slide will give in extra benefit in terms of money for approximately equal effort.

This doesn’t mean that you can not add a standard bounce house in your stock, but make sure to check this fact whenever buying a new one for your inventory. Check the rates of the region where you are living and then make a decision. 

  • Will it be a headache rather than benefit? 

I usually recommend avoiding using inflatable water slides that give you headache. You can have 1 or 2 in your stock but not more than this. What can cause you headache? You can understand this as buying a rear loading water slide that often creates a muddy mess which will only increase your work and not the money. This is what I call a headache, as an alternative I would suggest you use front loading water slides that will not create any such problem. Along with this, an obstacle course with three pieces, water slides having no seals at seams could raise your headache because you will face a problem of water-log in it. You can avoid buying such inflatables.

  • Does the inflatable look good in pictures?

This is the thing which often people avoid while purchasing a new slide for their inventory. The reason why I am insisting you ask this question to yourself is that this can increase your business. See how - Most of the customers like to check the website before buying, renting, or using any inflatable so that they can get an idea about it and also this increases their excitement of using it. This has been proved by a lot of research that a website with good pictures gets more traffic as compared to one that has fewer pictures. Pictures that don't look good or are not sufficient to grab the attention of their customers can not provide the desired traffic to any website.

  • Can you get insurance for a particular product?

When you are purchasing something that is not so common then you should always check whether the insurance company is ready to provide you their insurance service for any new products. Surely, you will never want to spend your valuable money in such a product where you are not getting any kind cover and all the risk of any mishap will increase your expense. So, before making a new purchase make sure to discuss the design and safety precautions of the product with the insurance company. 

Also, in some states like Pennsylvania have approved the use of limited inflatables. So, it will be good to cross check the rules of your state before buying a new inflatable water slide for your inventory.

These were some of the main points which you need to consider while purchasing a new product for your stock. Along with this, make sure to compare its use and prices with others. I always recommend checking the products online and getting a rough idea about it so that no one fools you by only showing the pros of the products. 

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