7 reasons why Canvas prints make perfect gifts?

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Gifts! Who does not love to be gifted! Receiving a gift is way easier than giving it. Have you ever got into a dilemma while you are trying to gift something to someone? It seems like a hard task when

 you want to gift something to someone but do not know their choice. It iss like taking a risk buying something that they may or may not like. 

Actually, Perfect gift does not exist - everyone has their own set of choices, and you may or may not fulfil that. So, do not indulge in choosing a perfect gift for your someone special and buy them a canvas print.

Canvas print! Why is it a perfect gift for your loved one? You must be thinking about how gifting a canvas print makes a right choice? Read on to know more about the reasons.

Before choosing a canvas print as your next gift idea, first, you should know what a canvas print is and why it is a perfect gift. Do not get confused between a canvas painting and canvas print.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image or picture printed via an Inkjet printer onto a canvas. The canvas gets lengthened once printed. You can frame it to give it a longer life, and it is not mandatory, though. Many prefer gallery wrapping technique to create an unframed canvas print. 

7 reasons why Canvas prints make perfect gifts:

  • They can be personalised

Imagine a situation when you will be given a chance to personalise your order (food, decorative items or something that can be personalised). How interesting and impressive is it to customise something as per your choice! It is a way to express your inner self and make it on your way. 

The same thing applies to gifts. When you personalise a gift for someone, they feel special. And if this would be used to a canvas print! This will make a great gift. 

You can actually tailor-made a canvas print with your own design, choice of picture, inspiring quotes, and many more. You can even draw your favourite outline and take out a canvas print to gift them.

  1. They are versatile 

When you gift something, you expect them to keep your gift forever or at least for a longer time. In this case, canvas prints actually make the best gift because it looks astonishing in any settings. They fit in every corner of the house. You can even frame them to hang the print on the wall. 

  • They are cheap!

Canvas prints are not only versatile but also cheap. Yes, you need not spend more to gift it to someone. They are cheap does not mean their quality is compromised. Even the cheap canvas prints are printed on high quality canvas and pinned on the wooden frame before you gift wrap it.

  • They comes in every size

Many of us think that you have to carry a big frame of the wrapped gift if you choose canvas print as a gift. This is absolutely a myth. Canvas prints come in various sizes-small, medium, big. You can even customise the sizes as per your choice. Take something small and sweet to show your emotions for someone. Or take a larger piece of canvas print that covers a whole wall- it ultimately depends on you.

  • The printed image will stay forever

When you choose a canvas print as a gift, you are actually gifting something that will stay forever. The image printed on the canvas literally stays for a longer time. It looks the same throughout the period and gives the area a fantastic look where it is mounted.

  • Light in weight

Canvas prints are of less weight, and you can carry them easily. Your special one can keep your gift as long as they want and hang or showcase them in any space of their house. Because of the lightweight, the prints can be mounted on the wall.

  • They can be shaped

Rectangular, square or hexagon- you can shape a canvas print as per your choice. The best part of gifting a canvas print to someone is you can develop them and give them whatever design you want.

We hope the reasons why canvas print makes an excellent choice for a gift satisfies you and you will give it a try next time. 

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