2021- Print a calendar, the easiest and fastest way

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Tired! Of 2020, then why don’t we plan on 2021? Get your schedules prepared for 2021 through a calendar. A calendar is a systematical method of organizing events. Creating a calendar is now quite common in both business and education. As your system of managing a year won’t sink with others, just don’t mold your events on others but just create your own. 

Developing your calendar is not a tough and lengthy process to work with. It’s much more comfortable than handling the situations that you failed to remember. The mechanism involved in constructing a yearly, monthly, weekly, or even your events planning calendar is all the same. 

Eager in knowing those steps, yes.... here we go.

There is an abundant application to make, which includes the most preferred, used as well as the flexible one in use the Microsoft Word and Excelsuch as Open Office, Mac Pages, Libre Office, etc. It’s workable in any that you are comfortable with. 


  • Open up the application that you are most comfortable with to work. You will be displayed with a screen filled with a lot of tools on the tab.
  • Select the file, where a long list appears with many options. Among them, select new. There seems a new screen, includes many working samples such as a blank page, resume, invitation, etc. Among the shown up sample, you can find the calendar. 
  • Finalize any one of the templates available, so that you can predict the structure your calendar is going to look. If your calendar is going to have pictures, then pick the template that contains images in it. Later you can replace the picture as you wish. If it seems a bit tough to go through many templates, make it easier by the search option available.
  • Selecting the template gives a preview like how your calendar looks. 
  • Enter the month and year that your calendar is going to be provided with. Dates, months, and years are changed accordingly to the purpose of what they are being prepared. 
  • At the top of your screen, you will be allowed to see a calendar tab. Calendar tab is provided with options such as font, scheme, and color. These options help you feed your calendar with different designs based on your wish, purpose, and creativity. 
  • As your calendar is filled with tables, the table design tab is also available in use. This helps you adjust your tables, whether it is a single table or the entire calendar. Different color code for each table is related to the events it holds is also possible. 
  • Add pictures so that your calendar may look much attractive than before. Different images for different months can also be done if you are interested in. Pick up photos from either the gallery or download. 
  • Here comes the critical step, the dates, and activities to pin with it. Modify the date and write down the important activity that the day is going to represent specifically. It may be your school, office, faculty meeting, family events, etc. 
  • The calendar you wish for is shown up in front of you now. Just have one last look at your calendar, on what that you have spent the entire time with. 
  • If there are no mistakes spotted, then again go for the file option on the top of your screen. Into the file, you will be visible with the option save. Click the option save. 
  • Your work is now saved on your system. So that you can either share electronically or print it out for use. 

Points to remember 

  • Customize size: make sure that your calendar is on the size as you planned to have them. Customize it according to the paper that you print with.
  • Design: create them in your own classic way as you wish. Select a background, you can download it from Google, Dropbox, Creative cloud, and even from your system gallery. 
  • Add elements: add your icons, texts, pictures, etc. according to your schedule.

Recheck your work, and if there are no mistakes detected, go through the process of printing. Finally, it’s your own calendar ready for use. 

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