GitLab security

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Date: 2021/11/26 20:12:50

Technology, client needs, trends, expectations and business analysis - every decision in the development team requires considering many factors. Unfortunately, sometimes companies miss one of the most important one - security. This article will help you understand how secure GitLab is - just in case you are looking for a version control hosting system. 

GitLab application security

Let’s start with the basics - to access the platform, you need to set up an account protected by login and passwords. From a security point of view, please take into consideration using a unique login as it’s public within the GitLab platform. So if you use your default login from another platform, please be prepared that hackers can access multiple accounts once they unveil the credentials of one of them. 

How about a password? Please use a randomized, unique password for your account. Remember to keep it long, use special characters, numbers, and a mix of small and capital letters. GitLab allows you to use the single sign-on (SSO) option so you can login with your Google account or even GitHub, Bitbucket or Twitter. Why? To limit the number of credentials you need to memorize and eliminate the risk of using weak passwords. 

Always use two-factor authentication if possible. GitLab not only provides this additional layer of protection but also recommends it in the official documentation. 

GitLab backup

If you take care of security, for sure you have data backup in place. But what about your git repositories, projects and metadata. It’s the place where you store your source code as Intellectual Property - probably the most valuable business asset. Don’t you think you need GitLab backup? Especially, as we just pointed out that GitLab security methods may not be sufficient. 

Let’s check why you need GitLab backup. Intentional or not human mistake, cyberattack, accidental project deletion, HEAD overwrite or GitLab down - those are situations that can limit or even unable access to your source code. As GitLab server status shows that long failures are quite rare but it depends on what does long mean here. For some businesses even one-hour-long service disruption may bring unimaginable financial and operational loss. 

So here comes GitLab backup software for GitLab projects and metadata. It provides you with easy to set up configuration, full automation and daily backups, central management, long-term retention, military-level encryption and much more - all you need for your GitLab security.

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