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Date: 2021/03/27 17:06:56

Everyone knows that the air we are breathing in is polluted and humans need to do something about it so that we can be healthier and breath fresh air.


Air pollution means the release of harmful and unwanted gases that are released in the air and has detrimental effects on all living things including human beings, plants and animals.

An act regarding air pollution called the Clean Air Act was passed by US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to protect the health of all life on this planet and control the emission of harmful gases in the air.


Air pollution can be caused by thousands of ways and human being knowingly and unknowingly play a part in increasing the air pollution every day.

  • INDUSTRIES: industries are playing a major role in causing and increasing air pollution. The industrial waste in the form of smoke is released in the environment that pollutes the air and is increasing the temperature of the environment causing global warming.
  • BURNING OF WASTE: You may have seen people burning waste around you and that is playing a major role in increasing air pollution.
  • SMOKE FROM CARS: The smoke coming out of cars is also a major cause of air pollution as the burning of lead is turned into smoke and released in the air that leads to air pollution.
  • INCREASED HEAT IN ATMOSPHERE: The increase of heat in the atmosphere is causing the release of smog that is very dangerous for human health.


  • MINIMISING INDUSTRIAL WASTE: The industrial waste can be minimized by the use of CPI generative thermal oxidizer that reduces the effect of harmful gases and does not pollute the air as it is polluted by the release of VOCs directly. Here you can find Regenerative thermal oxidizer cost also.
  • RESTRICT OING OUT IN BAD WEATHER: When there is a clear warning given in the weather forecast to go out. Restrict yourself and especially your children. It happens mostly during smog. Wear a face mask and try to stay more at home.
  • EXERCISE IN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT: Make sure to do your exercise far away from roads so that you do not have to inhale harmful gases released from transport and wash your clothes afterwards to wash off any fine particles that may harm you. Taking a shower is mandatory.
  • WEARING SUNSCREEN: Wearing a sunscreen is a must in this era as the ozone layer is being depleted more and more with every passing day and we are exposed to ultraviolent radiations. To secure your skin from damage wearing a sunscreen is a must.
  • DO NOT BURN WASTE: Burning the waste is a common practice but we do not know hoe much damage it causes to our environment. Do not burn your waste and educate the ones around you who are practicing it so that we can live in a healthier environment.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Walking or riding a bike is a way to exercise and it can save the environment from pollution. But if you do not want to do that at least take a public transport so that you are not independently playing a role in increasing air pollution.
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