Choosing a good law school: Things to consider

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Date: 2022/01/08 06:05:15

The decision to study law is a great one as a career in the legal profession doesn't only offer prestige but decent pay, hence a considerably better quality of life.

You start by attending law school, and choosing the best law school will go a long way to affect how your career pans out and the prospects you will have.

So in this article, I discuss how to choose a good law school and the things to look out for. Read on to learn more.

1. Prestige

The name of the law school you attended in itself will sell you and bring you many clients. That's why it is important to choose a prestigious law school. The issue is, prestigious law schools are hard to get in. NYU law school acceptance rate is below 30% of the many applications they receive each year. It is certainly not a walk in the part when trying to get into Columbia law either. But it doesn't hurt to try, if you get in, that will be an achievement on its own, benefits of which will follow you your entire legal career.

2. Affordability

The top law schools in US are mostly Ivy League schools and attending such schools doesn't come cheap.

So even though you want to get into some of the prestigious law schools, you must consider your finances and affordability. If money is the issue, you can always look to some of the affordable law schools in Europe which teach law in English.

For example, Georgetown law tuition can set you back several tens of thousands of dollars and there aren't many scholarships for law school students. If you don't mind racking up student loans, then certainly aim for the big schools.

3. Beyond the classroom

Life as a law student is beyond what you study in the classroom. The law school you settle in must have amazing diversity on campus, have amenities that make you develop the other aspects of your life. A good law school will have arrangements to organize moot courts competitions between groups and schools. This way, you meet others on their journey on how to become a lawyer so you network and connect.

A good law school will also a great academic calendar with amazing events that ensures a good balance between academic and social life.

4. Read student reviews

What's a better way to know more about a school than to hear it from those who are in there or have been there? In your research, make sure you go on social media and independent websites and read student reviews about the school that catches your eye.

Such reviews are usually candid and reflect the reality of students on campus. If there are any issues that fundamentally affect students but management haven't heeded to complaints, you will be able to know and decide whether that's a deal breaker for you or not. Compare the positive and negative reviews and then you can decide to settle on that law school or move on with your search.


Choosing a law school is no easy task. You will need to spend time to read on the schools thoroughly in order to make an informed choice.

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