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Russian names

The list of Russian male names that we have collected on this page is quite complete, but we have included in it only those names that boys are most often called, which is called "in Russian." We hope that in our list you will find exactly what you were looking for and we will be glad if among these names we come across something unfamiliar to you. It's always nice to learn something new.

Rare Russian names and their meanings are deeply rooted in the past. The first names of the Russian people of the pre-Christian period were pagan names: folk, Slavic, formed from the names of human qualities, objects and environmental phenomena. Names-amulets were widespread, carrying the meaning of protecting a child from the evil eye, illness, misfortune.

What do Russian names mean: interpretation and history of origin. The history of the formation of Russian traditions of naming. Old Russian anthroponymy initially consisted only of a personal name in a narrow sense; most of the names initially "repeated" common nouns (Volk, Zhdan, Dobrynya). Among the Old Russian names there were many borrowings from the Finno-Ugric, Turkic and other languages.

We bring to your attention a large list of names for boys from the section Russian names Male, which will surprise you with their meanings and characteristics.

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